Mr. Ahmed Bin Omar

CEO & Founder

AMG Oman Welcoming

Ahlan Wa Marhaba (in Arabic)means warm welcome,

To The Omani Market your Key to GCC, MENA & Asia Region were the strategic Market is today, The Switzerland of The East, the land of Arab Originality, Civilization & Ancient Heritage, The land of Opportunities,& Secured Growth & Stability.

In AMG Oman, we are committed to providing services & products with High-Quality Standards to achieve growth and expansion. We collaborate with governments by promoting their Investment Opportunities and supporting their Sustainable Development plans.

We cooperate with investors induvial & companies to Develop their Investments & Growth. We empower SMEs from GCC, MENA & Asia to present their products effectively in the strategic international markets.

Our network grows daily, as we aim to build a long-term and stable business relationship.

  • To become a Successful key player in the international strategic markets & industry.

  • To Lead the Excellence Sector of smart, innovative & integrated solutions and contribute to the In-country Value that supports the growth of the Economy.

  • Exchange the knowledge and best practices among governments & business entrepreneurs so their governance complies with global standards, which will reflect positively on their growth.

  • Participate with the leadership community in Empowering Humans, SMEs, Organizations, Governments & Privet sectors to Develop, progress & grow.

Our Vision
Values we Believe

Empowerment & Giving

Create positive and successful relationships with the community

Integrity & Responsibility

We run our business with high standards of transparency, honesty, and credibility.

Leadership & Communication

Building partnerships with the leading and excellence in government & private organizations locally & globally

Excellence & Quality

Achieving excellence in all we offer complying with the international standards of quality and performance.

ABSHIR LOUNGE Statistic Last 30 Months

350+ Hrs Free Consultancy

57 Investor been served of 40 Nationality

400+ Companies network with different scale

50M USD Business Deal been Facilized in Oman & UAE

30 Companies setup with capital value of 13M USD